Spotlight Friday Feature: Chevon!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Meet the beautiful Chevon!


1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been natural and a little bit about yourself!

–  I’m Chevon Cleveland, a Jersey girl living in south Jersey originally from Elizabeth, NJ. I’ve been natural since 2006. I’m a mom, a risk and compliance officer, a friend and a lover of life.


2. What is your go-to natural hair style?

– My go natural style is wet and wild! Just my wash and go OR when its time for a wash, the huge top not piled on top of my head is always a crowd pleaser.

3. List 3 to 5 of your go-to or staple products for your natural hair?

– I’m all about saving a coin. When I’m tight on funds, I use African Pride hair mayonnaise. For the most part, I use Curls Unleashed and all of the Shea Moisture hair care products. I swear by Shea Moisture. More recently, I’ve been going straight to the kitchen cabinet and using extra virgin olive oil as a deep conditioner for a few hours while doing house work.


4. What do you like/love most about being natural?

– I love being natural because its so versatile! Being a curly girl is like being 2 women in one! When you straighten your hair it’s like a whole other personality!

5. How do you maintain your curls at night?

– At night, I use the Shea Moisture milk, pinneapple all my curls and rock the satin bonnet.

6. Have you ever big chopped or transitioned? If so, briefly tell us your experience!

– I transitioned. Took me about a year. Fortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of perms so I only got them once or twice a year. So, when it was time for a trim I simply asked for a little more to be taken off each time. Didnt take me long at all.


7. Do your family/friends support your natural hair journey? How about where you work?

– Everyone I encounter loves my natural hair. I get stopped alot and asked what I use on my hair and how i keep it moisturized. I’ve never had a problem at work either. Alot of other natural girls have asked for tips because they were scared to wear their natural hair for corporate america.

8. Do you know your hair type? If so, what is it? 

– I’ve never been a girl to put a type to my hair. I have one patch of hair that seems to have gone rogue and is more of a loose wave than a springy curl like the rest of my hair. So, i just let it be wild and do what it does. It’s too difficult to put a type to 2 different types of hair on the same head.


9. The blog is entitled happycurlhappygirl, so what makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, protective styling, hot oil treatments etc.)

– Deep conditioning and getting my ends trimmed every 3months keeps my curls VERY happy. Without that I cant do anything with it.

10. What is one thing you have learned since being natural? What advice would you give a new natural?

– Since being natural, I’ve learned to embrace being ME. Big, wild lions mane and not feed into the magazines that say silky straight is beautiful. For new naturals, I’d say, be patient and understand that you will go thru many products until you find the right combination for your hair. Don’t go by what others do. Your hair is unique! So do what suits YOU! ❤

Thanks Chevon for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!! I wish you the best on your hair journey!


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5 Simple Steps I Never Forget To Do In My Natural Hair Regimen!

Hey Curlies! ❤


Simple steps in your routine can either hurt or help your natural hair. We often talk about  products but sometimes we forget the little things in our regimen that can make a huge difference in our hair. ❤

(1.) I never forget to detangle my hair soaking wet, FULL of conditioner and with a WIDE tooth comb!


This step is ONLY for those plan to detangle your hair when it is WET: It’s so important to make sure that when you detangle your hair you do it the correct way. Dry hair is stronger than wet hair, but wet hair can be detangled with ease because it is more flexible. Remember, wet hair is FRAGILE, so it’s important to take your time and do everything with cautionWET hair that is SATURATED with conditioner will help your WIDE tooth comb or FINGERS to glide through easily. NEVER use a fine tooth comb to detangle as it can RIP out your hair. If you suffer from super tangled hair, finding a detangler (Shea Moisture) definitely helps with the process. ALWAYS start from the ends and work your way to the roots and be gentle! Take your time!

(2.) I never forget to cleanse AND massage my scalp during my washes!


Sometimes we can be too focused on cleansing our hair we forget to cleanse the scalp. Making sure your scalp is clean and build up free helps with hair growth. Having clogged pores stunts hair growth and the overall manageability of your hair. When washing your hair concentrate on cleansing your scalp! As the shampoo runs down your hair it will grab all of the product and oil that is on your hair. NEVER plop your hair on top of your head. Keep your hair down and/or in sections and scrub with your fingertips never your nails. Go ahead and give yourself a nice massage because that not only feels amazing it promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to your hair follicles! Depending on your preference you can shampoo 1x or 2x’s, I always shampoo twice and will usually switch up my shampoo’s. If clarifying, I clarify first then follow up with a moisturizing shampoo.

(3.) I never forget to use a 100% Cotton T-shirt to dry my hair! NOT a Towel.


If you’re using a towel, stop it! Lol. Towels are harsh for our curls. It causes frizz and friction and it’s not good for natural hair. Naturals used to rave about microfiber towels (which I love!) but now they say microfiber towels rip out your hair as well. So the best thing to use is a 100% cotton t-shirt. Using a cotton t-shirt helps to soak the water up at the same time not causing damage or disrupting your curl pattern. It won’t cause frizz and it allows for your curls to remain in their form. I personally don’t have any problems with my microfiber towel and still use it when needed :/ Do what works for you just don’t use a towel!

(4.) I never forget to use a leave in conditioner!


Leave in’s are essential as they help to protect and add extra moisture to our hair. If we don’t moisturize often using a leave in is something to definitely consider to help with dryness. It’s a step I never ever forget and has helped my hair tremendously! Like I usually say moisturizing is so very essential for healthy hair. I never leave this step out because it makes such a difference with my wash and go’s! You can check out my favorite leave in’s here!

(5.) I never forget to seal my hair with an oil!


We know to moisturize, but we may forget to seal with an oil. When you seal with an oil, you are preventing your water and moisturizers from evaporating from your hair. Without applying an oil after moisturizing your hair can become dry because the moisture is not locked into your hair. When sealing remember to apply oil to your ends because the ends are the oldest parts of your hair and they need a ton of love. I usually use castor oil on my ends to help with extra moisture. Because it’s so thick, it does wonders when applied to my scalp and ends especially in the winter time. Some of my favorite oils are in my previous post, you can read here!

I loved my wash and go here! 🙂



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