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Product Review: Crème Of Nature Twirling Custard!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Twirling Custard Curl Styling Gel!


Soooo, I already know that custards and “styling gels” (besides Eco Styler) don’t work too well with and on my hair because it tends to leave my hair quite sticky and I don’t get the desired hold. But, I’ve been using Crème Of Nature’s line since a child it seems like and the new Argan Oil line hasn’t let me down, so I decided to give it a try!

The Description:

Rock your curls with confidence using Twirling Custard, a defining curl styling jelly that delivers long-lasting hold for crunch-less curls with Exotic Shine. This frizz-defying formula will leave you with healthy, beautiful curls and waves.

  • Perfect for Twist Outs, Shingling, Coiling, Updos and Wash-and-Go’s
  • NO Sulfates*, NO Parabens*, NO Mineral Oil*, NO Petrolatum*
  • Made with Argan Oil & Argan Butter for Exotic Shine
  • Available in 11.5 oz

Crème of Nature

The Consistency:

If you’re familiar with jellies or custards, the consistency is that of a watery/creamy like gel. Lol. Kind of difficult to describe, really. BUT! If you’ve ever tried or currently use custards then you know exactly what I am referring too. Not as thick as a gel but not as thin as a leave in conditioner.


How I Used It:

I applied the Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner first on wet hair after washing with Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo and detangling with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner. I then sectioned my hair into 4 sections, and did subsections applying the product, liberally. I had to use a LOT of product just for one section to ensure that my hair would look the way I expected it too. I know my hair to a T, so I knew that with a custard I would need more product than using a heavier gel. That was a bummer because I paid $9 so if I were to use this product consistently I’d be out of it in 2 weeks. It’s already at the half way mark. No Bueno! I then air dried for 30 minutes and diffused my hair. To my surprise NO frizz. It promises no frizz and no shrinkage. And I did not experience ANY frizz and I am PRONE to frizz. As far as shrinkage, I noticed my hair was hanging differently DRY than using any other styling product.

WET hair about 30% dry, waiting on my wash n’ go to dry some more before I diffused…



If you tried it for a twist out or braid out, the product should last longer than for a wash n’ go…in my opinion…

  • Lightweight
  • No frizz
  • Moisturizing
  • Shrinkage is limited
  • Slight hold
  • Great definition
  • No harsh ingredients
  • A lot of body
  • Only got BARELY 2 days out of my wash n’ go
  • Seems like you need a lot of product
  • A tad sticky
  • Disliked the smell
  • Every time I touched my hair, there was always a film left on my hands
  • Slightly weighed my hair down because of the promises of no shrinkage, lol (I still wanted volume, I don’t care about shrinkage!)


I thoroughly enjoy Crème of Nature’s products such as their Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner and their Argan Oil Perfect 7 Leave in Treatment Masque. However! I always do this to myself thinking that I can find a styler BETTER or EQUAL TO Eco Styler Gel, and I can’t. Jellie’s and custards just don’t work for my wash n go’s the way that I would want them too. I only got 2 days out of using this product 😦

If you want a light weight, crunch less, frizz free and defined wash and go, I’d definitely try it. If you’re a gel girl and not used to jelly stylers then you may want to stick to gel’s lol. BUT! If you want the look of gel but something “lighter”, this could be the product for you! EVERY ONE’S HAIR IS DIFFERENT! This may work well if you want to try it for a twist out and or braid out…because I do not wear those styles, I can only tell you my wash n’ go experience.

Would I Purchase Again?

More than likely, no. But I WILL purchase their other products. 🙂

Have you tried this product? If so, what are your thoughts? What other Crème Of Nature products would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below please!


Side note: If you’re interested in this tee I’m sporting and other designs, you can now purchase my shirts at ! #happycurlhappygirl 🙂

Until next time Curlies! XO!



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My 14 Favorite Hair Products of 2014! Happy New Year’s Eve!

Hey Curlies! ❤

2014 is alllllmost over! Can you believe it?! Check out my favorites of the year!


1. My beloved Eco Styler Gel! (Beauty Supply, $9.99, 32oz)


– Y’all already know so I don’t have to go into details about how much I love this gel. This is my HOLY GRAIL styler. I use this for every wash n go!

2. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker! (Target, $19.99)


– I now use this for refreshing my curls when they get dry and frizzy! I still love it, but because of the price I try to save it for when I really need it. 🙂

3. Queen Helene Royal Curl Moisture and Rich Conditioner! (Sprouts, $7.99)


– LOVE for a deep conditioner! It doesn’t have much slip but boy does it leave my curls hydrated! This stuff is great!

4. Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice! (Sprouts)faves4

– Not only is this stuff VERY healthy for your body it also does wonders for your hair! It helps with closing and sealing your cuticle giving moisture and a great shine. It’s an excellent curl refresher!

5.  Sweet Almond Oil! (GNC, $8.99)faves5

– This oil is great for sealing my curls! I love it because it’s light weight and it gives off an amazing shine!

6. Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner! (Trader Joes, $2.99)faves6

– I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF!!!!!!! It is amaze balls!!! It never fails me, ever! Point blank and the period! All natural ingredients…just awesome!

7.  Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie! (Target, $9.99)faves7

– I stand by my Shea Moisture products! They are all amazing. I love this because it’s so thick and moisturizing. Will forever be a customer to this line!

8. Cantu Shea Butter Cleansing Sulfate Free Shampoo! (Walmart)faves8

– This shampoo is great for cleansing my hair and scalp without stripping my hair. It’s sulfate free and I love how it makes me hair feel after cleansing!

9. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner! (Beauty Supply, $23.99)faves9

– Thee best leave in conditioner out there! Hands down! I love this stuff. So moisturizing so effective! A little goes a long way! Love it.

10. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque! (Target, $16.29)faves10

– The best deep conditioning masque out. Period.

11. Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle!faves11

– Cheapest deep conditioner I know and love! Definitely a must try, you’ll be hooked!

12. Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-n-1!faves12

– I used this when I first cut my curls and stopped when I found out about Eco Styler Gel, but I revisited this product and I still LOVE it. It’s great for a moisturizer and promises so many things (14) in just one bottle!

13. Aphogee Two- Step Protein Treatment! (Sally’s, $7.99)

faves13– I love this protein treatment because I get INSTANT results!!! My hair feels soft and STRONG. It’s important that you FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. I stick by this because it does my hair sooo good! It does SMELL, but the results are worth it. Protein treatments are essential every 6 to 8 weeks or when needed.

14.  Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment! (Sally’s)faves14

– Love this stuff! Excellent for repairing damaged curls and elasticity issues! I love the whole line!

Well you guys…thank you for reading and supporting my blog! I started this blog in October 2014 and I’m amazed at how much its grown! I’m thankful for every follower, reader and supporter. So much in store for the new year and I can’t wait to share it all with you beautiful people! Have a blessed NEW YEAR! God is good!


Until next year Curlfriends! XO!




Spotlight Friday Feature: Chevon!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Meet the beautiful Chevon!


1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been natural and a little bit about yourself!

–  I’m Chevon Cleveland, a Jersey girl living in south Jersey originally from Elizabeth, NJ. I’ve been natural since 2006. I’m a mom, a risk and compliance officer, a friend and a lover of life.


2. What is your go-to natural hair style?

– My go natural style is wet and wild! Just my wash and go OR when its time for a wash, the huge top not piled on top of my head is always a crowd pleaser.

3. List 3 to 5 of your go-to or staple products for your natural hair?

– I’m all about saving a coin. When I’m tight on funds, I use African Pride hair mayonnaise. For the most part, I use Curls Unleashed and all of the Shea Moisture hair care products. I swear by Shea Moisture. More recently, I’ve been going straight to the kitchen cabinet and using extra virgin olive oil as a deep conditioner for a few hours while doing house work.


4. What do you like/love most about being natural?

– I love being natural because its so versatile! Being a curly girl is like being 2 women in one! When you straighten your hair it’s like a whole other personality!

5. How do you maintain your curls at night?

– At night, I use the Shea Moisture milk, pinneapple all my curls and rock the satin bonnet.

6. Have you ever big chopped or transitioned? If so, briefly tell us your experience!

– I transitioned. Took me about a year. Fortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of perms so I only got them once or twice a year. So, when it was time for a trim I simply asked for a little more to be taken off each time. Didnt take me long at all.


7. Do your family/friends support your natural hair journey? How about where you work?

– Everyone I encounter loves my natural hair. I get stopped alot and asked what I use on my hair and how i keep it moisturized. I’ve never had a problem at work either. Alot of other natural girls have asked for tips because they were scared to wear their natural hair for corporate america.

8. Do you know your hair type? If so, what is it? 

– I’ve never been a girl to put a type to my hair. I have one patch of hair that seems to have gone rogue and is more of a loose wave than a springy curl like the rest of my hair. So, i just let it be wild and do what it does. It’s too difficult to put a type to 2 different types of hair on the same head.


9. The blog is entitled happycurlhappygirl, so what makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, protective styling, hot oil treatments etc.)

– Deep conditioning and getting my ends trimmed every 3months keeps my curls VERY happy. Without that I cant do anything with it.

10. What is one thing you have learned since being natural? What advice would you give a new natural?

– Since being natural, I’ve learned to embrace being ME. Big, wild lions mane and not feed into the magazines that say silky straight is beautiful. For new naturals, I’d say, be patient and understand that you will go thru many products until you find the right combination for your hair. Don’t go by what others do. Your hair is unique! So do what suits YOU! ❤

Thanks Chevon for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!! I wish you the best on your hair journey!


Follow Chevon: @Chevgurl10


If you would like a feature showcasing your natural hair story, PLEASE email me I would love to have your story and beautiful photos of you and your natural hair on Spotlight Fridays! XO! 🙂

Until next time Curlies! XO!



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My 7 Tips For New Naturals!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Newly natural? Want to go natural but have no clue where to start? I got you! Read on…



Going natural can be a little intimidating and overwhelming for some and totally a no go for others. I get that, trust me. What does being “natural” mean? When your hair is natural you have no type of chemicals on it to alter your hair. Having a relaxer/perm/or texturizer means that you have a chemical on your hair altering your natural hair texture. Don’t worry, wearing a weave and having your natural hair braided underneath, still makes you natural. If you flat iron your hair, it also means that you are natural as long as their is no chemical on your hair. Understanding all of the techniques, terminology (a few I’ll mention below), the do’s and don’ts and the products can be very overwhelming…so, here are some basic tips to get you started on your journey!

1. Should I do a BC or a big chop?


If you had a relaxer, and are considering going natural, you do not have to do a big chop. If you did not have a relaxer, and are considering stopping heat and wearing your natural kinks, coils and curls, you do not have to do a big chop. This is your choice. Doing a big chop just moves the process of being completely natural and/or getting rid of damaged or straight ends faster than simply growing your hair out. You have the option to trim as desired until your damage is gone. Doing a big chop definitely gives you the option to “start over” if you will. If you have the guts, go for it! Rock your TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) with grace hunty. LOL. BC’n can be very scary, because once it is done it is done. Kudos to all my naturals who have BC’d! Y’all are BRAVE and beautiful! 🙂

This was 2010 before I did a “semi” BC. I flatironed very often, my hair was thinning and my curls were lifeless.


What did I do?

– I have always been natural, meaning I have never had a relaxer. I’ve dyed, fried and bleached my hair throughout high school over 10 years ago. I experienced heat damage and chose to start “fresh” by doing a “half” BC. I chopped my BSL (Bra Strap Length) hair to my jaw line. Cutting my hair was THE best thing I did on the start of my natural hair journey. It gave my curls life and brought out a lot of creativity. The 3rd photo below shows how my loose curls started to tighten up due to cutting the damage off.




2. Can I still use heat if I want to go natural?

I recommend stopping ALL heat. Using heat doesn’t mean you’re not natural, BUT! If you want healthy and beautiful natural hair, stop the usage of heat. STOP GETTING RELAXERS/CHEMICALS. Try to go a minimum of three months without putting any heat on your hair. Then increase that to 6 months and so forth. Before you know it, it’ll be a year! Your hair will thank you!

What did I do?

– February 2011 I made the decision to do a challenge of no heat for one year after I cut my hair. I was the girl who straightened her hair every weekend, no heat protectant and sometimes no conditioning before hand. I did touch ups in between on my roots and edges, (I know TERRIBLE). So if I could do 1 year of no heat, so can you! There are so many natural hairstyles to do…bantu knot outs, braid outs, roller sets, cornrows, individuals, weaves, wigs, twist outs, 3 strand twist outs, twists, braids…and so on! Omg natural hair is so versatile and amazing! Here are some of the HEATLESS styles I did before cutting my hair.

Rollerset 2010

Rollerset 2010

Bantu knot outs, 2010.

Bantu knot outs, 2010.

Braid outs, 2010.

Braid outs, 2010.


3. What items do I need if I’m new to being natural?

The basic items you will need to get started on your natural journey:

  • a spray bottle (Water is your new bestie)
  • a wide tooth shower comb
  • a deep conditioner
  • a clarifying shampoo OR a natural alternative like Apple Cider Vinegar
  • a sulfate free shampoo
  • a moisturizing conditioner
  • a microfiber towel or 100% Cotton old t-shirt
  • an oil (like olive oil, coconut, jojoba etc. )
  • a satin/silk scarf and pillocase
  • a styler
  • a Denman brush (optional)

4. How do I learn about going natural?

YOUTUBE. There is SO much information on Youtube and blogs. That’s where I learned a lot. In 2010, I didn’t see many natural hair youtubers like there are now. But, the information was out there. Take the time to research via blogs and youtube and educate yourself. It’s a learning process especially if you were previously relaxed. Natural hair is all about trial and error!

Some natural Youtube natural hair gurus you should check out: Naptural85, MoKnowsHair, MahoganyCurls, Kimmaytube, GlamTwinz334, TarenGuy to name a few. I provided these specific women because every hair texture is different which will allow all beginners to find at least one of these women that have your hair type!

5. When do I wash my hair? When do I deep condition? and so forth…

You need to establish a hair regimen. Be CONSISTENT.

What do I do?

  • I co wash during the week if needed (Vo5, Suave, Aussie Moist, Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa)
  • I cleanse my scalp with a sulfate free shampoo once a week (Cantu Sulfate Free Shampoo, Trader Joes Nourish Spa Shampoo, Shea Moisture Shampoo)
  • I always detangle with conditioner in the shower
  • I use a clarifying shampoo once a month (Suave Clarifying Shampoo)
  • I deep condition 2 to 4 times a month, but ALWAYS after a shampoo (It varies with deep conditioners, find a product that says deep conditioner and try it out)
  • I pineapple at night ( grabbing all your hair into a high loose ponytail. It resembles a pineapple)
  • I ONLY sleep on a satin pillowcase
  • I use the LCO method to moisturize (Click here for my post on the LOC and LCO methods)
  •  I do protein treatments once every 6 to 8 weeks (Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment)
  • I trim as needed, I don’t follow a schedule

You can set days to make it easier on your schedule. For example, Wednesday wash day. Make that day where you take a few hours to focus on washing your hair, deep conditioning it, and styling it. Setting a day helps to make sure you keep your regimen consistent. Just like exercise, you have to be consistent to see results. With your hair, being consistent produces results.


6. What products should I start with?

This is tricky because everyone’s hair is different and reacts to products differently. You would want to establish your hair type and porosity levels. I have previous blog posts on these topics…click here to find your hair type and click here to find your porosity levels. Learning about these topics can help you maneuver through products and determine which will work for your hair. For example, your hair may not like silicones and or glycerin and if you are unaware of that and are purchasing products with those ingredients it’s not going to make your journey a good one. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LEARN YOUR PRODUCT’S INGREDIENTS!! Do not rely on what the label says, but turn the bottle around and see for yourself. Like I stated earlier, it’s about trial and error. Keep going because once you discover what works for you then you got it down!

Some lines to try:

  • Shea Moisture (Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Ok Beauty Supply, online)
  • Carol’s Daughter (Target, online)
  • Camille Rose Naturals (select Target locations, Wholefoods, online)
  • Crème Of Nature (Beauty Supplies, select CVS)
  • Giovanni (Select Targets, online, Wholefoods)
  • Organic Root Stimulator (Target, Beauty Supplies)

To name a few….


There are ways to cope with damaged hair and even repair some of it. Do NOT, I repeat…do NOT compare your hair to the next natural. Everyone is different and every hair texture grows and acts a certain way, differently. Be patient with your hair. Baby your hair because natural hair is dry and fragile. Don’t worry about growth, but be more concerned about the health of your hair. Once your hair is healthy and has a regular routine and regimen you will start to see your hair flourish! Natural hair is about trial and error, learning ingredients and seeing what works for you. Don’t give up!

After my cut, my hair still needed loads of love. I had heat damage in the back and my curls in the front were a mess. I got my hair cut while it was straight, which is why I had longer pieces in the front :/ (February, 2011)

I took care of my hair, educated myself and I now can finally say I love my hair. I still have hair goals and want thicker hair, but I’ve come a long way and you can too! (2014)



In a nutshell…

Stop getting relaxers and stop using heat. Start going without ANY heat for 3 months, then increase that to 6 months and so forth. Start with purchasing basic items listed above. Those items will make your journey a lot easier. Educate yourself via Youtube with naturals who KNOW what they’re talking about. Follow natural hair blogs. Happycurlhappygirl hint hint, LOL and do your research. Establish a regimen and be consistent. Have patience! And DONT GIVE UP!


Me, 2013.

Until next time Curlies! XO!



Product Reviews

Product Review: Luster’s S-Curl Activator Moisterizer!

Hey Curlfriends! ❤


This is so old school y’all, LOL. S-Curl moisturizer has been around for yeeears. I like how moisturized my hair feels after using this product. It blends well with my beloved Eco Styler gel, and I’m surprised by how well it works! But, there are consequences when dealing with hair care products that are not organic or natural. A few ingredients in this product are urged to be avoided :/. Although, I really like S-Curl for a moisturizer, I recommend buying Organic and all natural hair products if possible. I was so disappointed in what I found in this product because I love it so.


Remember…the first three ingredients in a product are usually what the majority of a product consists of. So basically if a product says “infused with Argan Oil”, and on the back it’s the 7th ingredient listed, yea…it’s baaarely any Argan oil in it. When looking for a moisturizing product the first ingredient should always be water. NEVER petroleum or mineral oil. Always water. The fact that the second ingredient in this product is glycerin tells me off the bat that a) it’s moisturizing and b) I probably can’t use this product year around, but that’s ok for me. I like to switch up my products, some products I only use in the summer and some only in the winter.

Gylcerin: is a humectant (attracts moisture) and is a water-soluble (able to dissolve in water) conditioning alcohol. Because it is a humectant it’s great for moisturizing the hair when mixed with water. Some naturals cannot use glycerin or choose not too in the winter months because glycerin attracts moisture and some may be fearful that it will dry out their hair. There are ways to winterize your humectants and still use them year round. Click here to find out how.

The ingredients!

Deionized Water (Aqua) , glycerin , Cetearyl alcohol , propylene glycol , Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) , Olive Oil (Olea Europaea Fruit Oil) , Acetamide MEA , Ceteth-20 , Olealkonium Chloride , Stearalkonium Chloride , Panthenol (Provitamin B5) , Simethicone , DMDM HYDANTOIN , Disodium EDTA , fragrance , Benzyl Benzoate , linalool , Benzyl Salicylate , limonene , Coumarin , Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone

Ok….not being able to pronounce certain ingredients is obvious that this product is not an all natural product. It’s great at moisturizing but at least THREE of these ingredients are on the STAY AWAY and DO NOT USE list. Broke my little curly headed heart.

Take a look…

1. PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG): As a “surfactant” or wetting agent and solvent, this ingredient is actually the active component in antifreeze. There is no difference between the PG used in industry and the PG used in personal care products. It is used in industry to break down protein and cellular structure (what the skin is made of) yet is found in most forms of make-up, hair products, lotions, after-shave, deodorants, mouthwashes and toothpaste. It is also used in food processing. Because of its ability to quickly penetrate the skin, the EPA requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles when working with this toxic substance. The Material Safety Data Sheets warn against skin contact, as PG has systemic consequences such as brain, liver and kidney abnormalities. Consumers are not protected nor is there a warning label on products such as stick deodorants, where the concentration is greater than that in most industrial applications. (Source)

2. DEA (diethanolamine) MEA (momoethnanolamine) TEA (triethanolamine): DEA and MEA are usual listed on the ingredients label in conjunction with the compound being neutralized. Thus look for names like Cocamide DEA or MES, Lauramide DEA, etc. These are hormone disrupting chemicals and are known to form cancer causing nitrates and nitrosamines. . These are commonly found in most personal care products that foam, including bubble baths, body washes, shampoos, soaps and facial cleansers. On the show, CBS This Morning, Roberta Baskin revealed that a recent government report shows DEA and MEA are readily absorbed in the skin. Dr. Samuel Epstein, Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Illinois said “repeated skin applications of DEA-based detergents resulted in a major increase in the incidence of two cancers – liver and kidney cancers.” John Bailey, who oversees the cosmetic division for the FDA said the new study is especial important since “the risk equation changes significantly for children.” (Source)

3. FRAGRANCE: Fragrance is present in most deodorants shampoos, sunscreens, skin care, body care and baby products. Many of the compounds in fragrance are carcinogenic or otherwise toxic. “Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to 4,000 separate ingredients. Most or all of them are synthetic. Symptoms reported to the FDA have included headaches, dizziness, rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting, and allergic skin irritation. Clinical observation by medical doctors have shown that exposure to fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope, and other behavioral changes,” (Home Safe Home).
For better health try purchasing unscented products and for fragrance, adding a natural essential oil. (Source)

Janae @naturalnae7

Janae @naturalnae7

If you don’t care about ingredients…

This product is AWESOME for hydrating. It’s old school, but it definitely does leave my hair feeling soft and silky as soon as it is applied. It works great for all curly hair types because glycerin is a humectant it keeps my hair moisturized for days. It works really well on tighter curls such as 4b and 4c hair types. The smell is great, and the consistency is light weight and it doesn’t have parabens or mineral oil in it. I use this from time to time on the ends of my hair for further moisture and protection when doing a protective style. So! If ingredients don’t bother you as much and haven’t tried it, head on over to your local beauty supply!

If you do care about ingredients…

I wouldn’t recommend this product…(JUST according to the ingredients listed above). After all, going organic and all natural is best for our hair, skin and over all health. Sometimes natural products “can” lack in giving you a desired look, like hold and/or definition for your curls. If it is important to you to have all natural and organic ingredients, there are many all natural hair care lines that have an amazing reputation on putting out quality ingredients. Some include Camille Rose Naturals (Target, Wholefoods), Shea Moisture (Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart) and Aubrey Organics (Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, online) just to name a few. Of course the smart thing would be to consider your health before anything, therefore choosing products that are natural. But! It’s ultimately your choice, your hair and your money! ❤

Do you use S-Curl Moisturizer? If so, will you still use it after this post? What about glycerin products? Let me know!


Until next time Curlies! XO!



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ALL About Toddler/Kid Hair Care!

Hey Curlfriends! ❤

How do you care for your toddler’s hair? Have you taken the time to establish a routine for them? Are you aware of what and what not to use? Do you look at the ingredients in their hair products?


(Sigh) Yea. Seems like a lot hunh? Actually! It isn’t! Trust me whether you’re into hair or not, establishing a routine for your child’s hair should not be difficult. It does take some time to find what works for your child’s hair, but once you figure it out it becomes routine. Before you had your beautiful and amazing little people, you were unaware of how to do specific things for them i.g. changing diapers, feedings, burping etc., but as time went on you got it! Same with hair! It’s just an extra step that will help their hair health in the long run and even establish a good routine for when they start to take care of their own hair!

Like I say often…moisture is key for everyone with natural hair. It is so very important. Whether your child has thick or fine hair, moisture is important. If you read my Meet My Kid post then I described my child’s hair and explained her regimen. Now that I have researched and educated myself on hair and hair products, what to do and what not to do I always incorporate those things when caring for my  child’s hair.


 (1) It’s important to establish a regimen for your child’s hair. Decide the days that you plan to wash their hair. Just like you plan their activities, plan wash days. It makes for an easier routine and helps you to remember and focus on their hair issues and needs.

 (2) Educate yourself on the ingredients that you use. Unless your shampoo and conditioner are all natural, sulfate and paraben free then I would not recommend that you use that for your child. Research has shown that sulfates and parabens and other harsh detergents are harmful to our health. So! I try to steer clear of those especially for my daughter. The Shea Moisture line ( is awesome in providing a ton of different lines to try that are filled with natural goodness. Plus they even have a kids line! Score! 

 (3) Loosen their braids and ponytails, especially at night when they go to sleep. Tension on the hair and scalp causes damage and some of that damage cannot be undone like alopecia. Pulling and stress on their hair is just not good for them and uncomfortable. I know I get a headache if I pull my hair into a high bun that’s too tight, so just think about what they could be experiencing.

 (4) I try to massage my daughters edges and scalp as often as I can. By doing this you allow blood flow to scalp which increases growth. Incorporate oil massages while they’re still and relaxed maybe while they’re watching  their favorite TV show or reading them a book for bedtime.

  (5) Try to leave their hair alone! Lol. I’m all about styles but at some time their hair needs a break from the constant touching and brushing and combing. Some protective styles that are great especially for school aged children are cornrows, braids and twists. These protective styles are so great because we can design them to suit our needs and the child’s.

(6) Get your child (and yourself, lol) a satin pillowcase! Cotton is drying to our hair. But, if you wrap your kids hair up at night in a satin scarf then no worries!

❤ How to properly shampoo and condition your child’s hair:

do not plop hair on top of head. Instead gently massage scalp allowing the shampoo lather to run down the hair shaft. The shampoo will cleanse the rest of the hair.

♥ rinse thoroughly as you don’t want to leave any shampoo to irritate their scalps

♥ if you can, rinse with cool or lukewarm water to shut the cuticle and seal in the moisture. I understand that may be difficult for the kiddies, but definitely give it a try!

❤ How to properly detangle your child’s hair:

♥ section hair into fours and work on one section at a time depending on the length and thickness of hair

♥ apply conditioner to ends first then work up to the roots. Once hair is saturated, detangle with a wide tooth shower comb, or if you prefer you can also use your fingers. IF you choose to use your fingers maybe try latex gloves (if there is no allergy of course) to detangle. This allows for the hair to glide through your fingers easily. Another option is coating your hands and fingers with a thick oil like Castor oil for easy detangling. TAKE YOUR TIME as you don’t want to cause any breakage!

♥ continue to the next sections and so forth

♥ do not use a towel to dry their hair, instead use a microfiber towel or an old 100% cotton t shirt. Towels cause friction and frizz.



❤ How to properly moisturize your child’s hair:

♥ make sure hair is still damp

♥ apply a leave in conditioner (I like Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner $19.99 or Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner/Detangler $11.99) OR a water based moisturizer

♥ (if child’s hair is thick) apply a butter or cream such as Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (LOVE!). If your child has fine hair, this step can be skipped if you choose. It’s all about preference and what works for your child’s hair

♥ then seal it with an oil (coconut, rosemary, olive etc.)

Tip: It’s important to seal with an oil because hair products especially water based products evaporate. Using an oil as your last step LOCKS in that moisture further keeping their hair moisturized all day.

❤ How to properly care for your child’s hair before bedtime:

♥ If possible loosen the sections that may be in ponytails

♥ If hair is loose, braid or twist in sections or as my grandmother calls it  “plaits” catching the edges if possible but never too tight!

♥ massage scalp for a few minutes (oil is optional), lightly dab the area if you prefer so that the oil doesn’t mess up their sheets.

♥ secure with a satin scarf or my preference, have them sleep on a satin pillowcase

I do these steps for my daughter and have learned a long the way what works for HER and my time as well. This works for me and my daughter, but may vary for you and your child. As you establish your OWN routine, you can definitely make your own rules and steps! This is why I love natural hair as it is versatile and different for everyone! ❤

Remember! They’re kids! What I’ve learned is not to stress over their hair. It just needs a little TLC! Kids are beautiful gifts from God! 🙂


Until next time Curlies! Xo!



DIYs, Topics Of Discussion

DIY: Hot Honey and Oil Treatment for Dry Hair!

Hey Curlies!  ❤


I love incorporating natural items that can be found in your fridge and cabinets. They work wonders and they’re CHEAP. I love that word! LOL. Anyways, I’ve been trying to stick to one recipe for a while to see how well it really works before I review it or put it out there. I’m always researching new recipes I can try and you should too! Welp! Y’all….(deep sigh)…HONEY and OLIVE OIL works all types of wonders! So, I wanted to share this recipe and give a few tips on how I apply this treatment for hydrated, shiny and soft hair!

(Beyoncé voice) Honey…hoooneyyy…lol, I’m corny I know. Anyway. Honey is a humectant…Humectants attract moisture and binds them along your hair shaft. This results in hair that is properly hydrated and less likely to cause breakage. Remember!! Moisture is KEY. Adding honey is great if you suffer from retaining moisture! Olive oil as you may or may not know provide so many benefits to the hair. It’s rich and moisturizing and full of hair growth properties! Olive oil can also help to soften dry and brittle hair. So, pretty much these two together? Amaze balls. Hopefully you have both in your cupboards, BUT if you don’t they’re super easy to find and easy on the wallet. And you can ALWAYS substitute. Olive oil works great on thick hair. If your hair is fine try coconut oil 🙂

FYI: Applying warm/hot oil and honey helps to open up the hair shaft allowing your hair to soak up all the natural goodness! ♥


Thick hair: Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil.

Fine/Thin hair: Rosemary Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil.

Where to find:

Ladies, you can usually find a lot of pure oils at Nutritional shops that sell herbs and supplements. You can also find some of your needs at your local Whole Foods and GNC.

Here’s what you will need:

Honey (I used raw unfiltered)

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO for short)

A saucepan

A bowl

Mixing spoon

Measuring spoons

Shower cap

Here’s what I did:

I filled my saucepan half way with water and brought that to a boil (Sometimes heating oil up in a microwave can kill some of its properties.)

I placed the honey (2 tbsp.) and oil (3 tbsps.) in the bowl into the saucepan (this may vary for your hair type, texture and length)

I made sure to get the consistency to how I liked it, similar to a conditioner. It’s really your preference on the mixture.  Remember the oil is the base! The amount will be different due to the thickness of your hair. It’s about trial and error! Do what works for YOU.

Once the mixture was warm, I removed the bowl

I applied the mixture to clean, wet hair. It’s easier on WET hair. I sectioned my hair in fours to allow the mixture to penetrate each strand. Focused on my ends because your ends are the oldest part of your hair! My hair goal is to maintain length therefore, I focused on those ends baby!

Covered my hair with a plastic cap and a scarf for added heat and went about my business in the house for about 30 to 45 minutes.

You can also sit under a dryer or steamer for a super deep treatment! If you do, you can definitely cut your time in half.

I then used a sulfate free shampoo (Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine) and conditioned, rinsed well with cool water to seal in all the goodness.

Then, I styled (wash and go)!


Let me know how it worked for you! ❤

Please be aware that I post blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at or around noon! Be on the look out for more! Thanks again for all your support of taking the time out to read my blog. Means the world! 🙂

Until next time Curlies! XO!