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What Does Being Natural Really Mean?

Hey Curlies! ❤

So, this post is all for those that like to read LOL. I say that because I notice many people really just skim through and don’t read the information.

But since you’re here!

I want to chat about what it means to be natural! The natural hair movement is HUGE. So with that, there is a TON of information out there, some being truth and others opinion. From observing and chatting with several women, I’ve learned that MANY are confused on what being natural is. I hear the phrase…”when I go natural..” a whole lot. So I thought I’d break it down!


What does being natural really mean?

– Being natural means you do not have any chemical on or in your hair to alter its natural curl pattern.

For example: Relaxers, perms and texturizers are chemicals applied to the hair to change a person’s natural hair pattern.

A relaxer is a chemical that straightens the hair and alters the natural hair texture. A perm is a chemical that curls straightened hair to make it curly. And a texturizer is a chemical that loosens tight curls.


you are still natural if you straighten your hair. Just because you wear your hair straightened does not mean you are not natural. You don’t have to rock a fro in order to be natural. AS long as the only thing that is straightening your texture is heat and not a chemical, honey you’re natural!


you are still natural if you wear a weave. If your NATURAL hair is braided underneath, why in the world wouldn’t you be natural? All a weave is a protective style. Honey you’re natural!


you are still natural if you dye your hair. It IS a chemical….and this is where it gets tricky. Dye for many naturals does not affect their curl pattern unless it is bleach and done unprofessionally. Dye CAN alter your curl pattern, but that does NOT mean that it is the same as a relaxer and a texturizer. You are not INTENTIONALLY trying to change your curl pattern to be something that it is not. You are simply enhancing your hair. And you can do that with dye or with henna.


Let’s consider a transitioner…

When a woman has a chemical on their hair such as the ones listed above, and chooses to go natural she either BIG chops where she will cut all of the chemical areas of her hair off or she will transition. Transitioning is simply growing your chemical and processed hair out by wearing styles like twists and bantu knots, braids outs and protective styles until the hair is all ONE texture..natural 🙂 This is a journey to being completely natural and an example of what “going natural” means…

Now, many have opinions about this.

Some think applying heat all the time doesn’t make you natural. Some think dyeing your hair doesn’t make you natural. Some think only wearing your hair in natural hairstyles makes you natural. It’s all on what you’ve researched and concluded…really. We talk about transitioning to being natural. One transitions from a relaxer to natural. From chemical to natural. It’s a process. Being natural takes a lot of work and commitment no matter the texture. Being natural, means incorporating a regimen. We have regimens because our hair needs attention to be able to thrive. Without a regimen our hair would be HORRENDOUS! LOL! Being natural means being YOU, embracing and wearing your kinks, coils and curls. Loving and caring for your hair the way God intended for it to be. There is NOTHING wrong with changing up a style by wearing a wig, a weave, some color…that’s fine! But, being natural is wearing your hair in it’s natural state, chemical HAIR ALTERING free. SO! If you believe coloring your hair falls into what I just said, then that is your opinion. I’ve colored my hair MANY times and my curls have NEVER been affected, and I believe I am a NATURALISTA! LOL!

Overall, being natural is being you….naturally 🙂


Do you agree or disagree?? What are your thoughts?

Until next time! XO!



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FOUR Steps I Did That Helped Repair My Damaged Hair!

Hey Curlies! ❤

There are four things I did during the time when my hair was at its worst, that helped it get to its best! I had damaged hair from dying and heat damage, mainly heat damage. My bra strap length hair was thinning and my curls were lifeless. I researched and learned about these steps to incorporate into my regimen to help repair the damage. However, not ALL damage can be repaired. The only way to get rid of severely damaged hair is to cut it off. Sucks, I know. I chose to do a semi big chop for my damage hair cutting my hair to my jaw and then did a year of no heat. BUT! Unless your hair is TERRIBLY damaged, you DO NOT HAVE TO DO A BIG CHOP. If your hair is slightly damaged it can be repaired by showing your hair MAJOR TLC such as these steps below. Here are the 3 things I did that got me to where I am now!

1. STOP ALL HEAT. Point, blank and the period.

I’m forreal.

2. Use A Reconstructor!

A reconstructor is a product that helps repair damage that’s been done from heat styling, relaxers, and chemicals. I had a ton of heat damage. I used these reconstructors to help with repairing my damage.

– Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor


– Dudley’s Hair Rebuilder


– Macadamia Deep Repair Masque


2. Protein Treatments!

Protein treatments are great for filling in gaps in the cuticle which helps to strengthen and repair hair. Protein treatments really helped my hair!

– Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment


– Nexxus Emergencee

– Mayo and Avocado


3. Deep Conditioning!

Deep conditioning is so essential to putting moisture back into our hair. Dry hair breaks, hair that is moisturized flourishes. Deep conditioning helps with repairing and strengthening damaged hair. Dry hair breaks, moisturized hair flourishes!

– Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-n-1 Renewal Mask


– Olive Oil Replenshing Pak


– Crème of Nature Deep Conditioner


– Pantene 2 Minute Moisture Masque

PLEASE make sure to follow the directions for a reconstructor, usually it’s done 2x’s a week. For protein treatments usually 1x a month or 1x every 6 weeks. And deep conditioning can be up to 2x’s a week. Incorporate these three steps and nurse your hair back to life.

It took me from 2011 until 2013/14 to get healthy hair and my curls to act right, if you will. I had trims and a shape/cut in between as well. So please, have patience…don’t give up!



Consistency & Patience!

If you’d like you can purchase ‘happycurlhappygirl’ t-shirts here! 🙂

Until next time! XO!



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Do You Really Need To Know Your Hair Type??

Hey Curlies! ❤




As I’ve been exploring natural hair more and more and following amazing naturalista’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that MANY natural women think hair typing is unnecessary. Some swear by it, but what I’ve noticed is that a lot of women are either unaware, don’t care or totally against it.

See…growing up, I was told that I couldn’t or shouldn’t use any type of product that wasn’t intended for “Black Hair”. I remember at the time, lines like Pantene and Garnier and so forth were frowned upon by certain women because they thought that it only catered to women with straight hair. I remember products like Blue Magic (my mother never used that, lol), Luster’s and Johnson Products, Ultra Sheen Hair Grease and so forth. Many Black mother’s purchased and used these products on their children. We had the mindset that grease was what we needed to keep our hair moisturized and help it to grow.

But, come to find out…people BARELY use grease now, due to being educated on mineral oil and petroleum and understanding that water is for thirsty hair and not grease. We also found out that, hair care lines such as the ones listed above CAN work just as well as “black hair care lines”… it’s all about preference!



I really believe that knowing your hair type can help with understanding your hair….

Hear me out…lol. No, I don’t believe that you should know your hair type to a T, but I do think you should know what category you fall in. Just with anything, categories CAN help with understanding and guiding us for future aid.

Let me explain why…

The higher the hair type, the more you’ll know how to care for your hair. The tighter the curl, the more likely your hair will be dry. The more likely you’ll know what will work for your hair and what won’t. You’ll understand, in my opinion what product will help your hair and what may hinder it. You’ll even understand how much heat you can put on your hair just by knowing your hair type!

Some 3(a-c) to 4(a-c) categories tend to need more moisture because the curl is tighter and makes it difficult to stay moisturized. Your regimen may change due to being aware of what category you fall in. Because my daughter is 4a, I know that her hair tends to suffer from dryness more so than mine. I use the LCO and LOC method on her hair to combat dryness and incorporate moisture. She suffers from shrinkage more than I do, which is expected of 4a hair. Curls are tighter and can require different hair care techniques and products than someone with a looser curl pattern….or a woman with 2c or 3a hair. However, for my hair I no longer use the LOC method because co washing and deep conditioning treatments are more effective for me. Because my curls are slightly looser than my daughters hair, some of the products I would use on her hair can weigh my hair down. For instance, Shea Butter is great on my kids hair, however not so much on mine.

When researching on natural hair, you will come across blogs, and videos that talk about hair types in their posts. Knowing and understanding a little something about hair typing can also help you understand what they’re referring too as well.

Just like with anything, things are categorized! Some fitness trainers will categorize you by blood type, or body type to determine what meal plan will be beneficial to you. Learning and understanding these categories MAY be very helpful in getting the results you want. Why should hair typing be any different??


In a nutshell:

The beauty with natural hair is that not every kink, coil and curl are alike. Either way, knowing your category of hair types may be helpful in narrowing down how to care for your hair. It’s NOT imperative to know your exact hair type. But, it is very HELPFUL to have some knowledge as to what category you fall in.  🙂

I have a post on how to find your hair type…if you choose, you can find it here!

Do you know your hair type? If so, what is it??

Thanks for listening.


Until next time! XO!





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Why Is My Hair So Dry?! 10 Reasons Why Your Hair Might Be Dry & Solutions to Help Fix It!

Hey Curlies! ❤tumblr_mo2l1qqc1P1rbavn2o1_500

As we know, dry hair breaks and moisturized hair flourishes. When our hair is dry, there are always reasons as to WHY. Lol, I didn’t mean to rhyme. (I’m corny, I know) So let’s look deeper into the reasons you may be suffering from dry hair…

 Problem no 1.

– You’re not hydrated.

Simply you’re not drinking enough water! Yes, it’s crazy how that actually affects our hair! Drinking enough water also can aid in hair growth! Water hydrates the body which nourishes your hair follicles which in turn stimulates growth! Staying hydrated is key not just for our hair but for our overall health!

Solution: Drink more water! I try to drink a gallon a day. I definitely notice shinier hair and softer hair when I stick too my gallon of water!

Problem no. 2

– Using shampoo’s with sulfates.

Yes, we already know how terrible sulfates are for our hair and skin. They are EXTREMELY drying and when considering a shampoo, we should find a shampoo that says “Sulfate Free”. I truly believe in shampooing your hair AT least twice a month.

Solution: Find lines that offer “sulfate free” shampoo! Some lines include Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter and Crème Of Nature. Stick with shampoo’s that say moisturizing.

Problem no. 3

– Build up.

– Clarifying is like resetting your curls. BUT YOU MUST FOLLOW UP WITH A DEEP CONDITIONER! Build up on your hair doesn’t allow for moisture to penetrate your hair shaft, in turn making your hair dry. Think of a raincoat. A raincoat is protecting you from the rain, not allowing any moisture in so that you remain dry. Build up is the same way 🙂

Solution: Clarify once a month to ensure your hair is cleansed from product build up and dirt that co washing and sulfate free shampoo’s may or can leave behind. Reset your curls!

Problem no. 4

– Not using water based moisturizers.

– Water is our friend. It is THEE most moisturizing ingredient needed before any “moisturizing product”. Your moisturizing product MUST have water as thee first ingredient to combat dryness. Products with MINERAL OIL and PETROLEUM that state moisturizing usually are not. These ingredients coat the hair shaft making it “seem” like your hair is moisturized but these products do not penetrate your hair shaft.

Solution: Every moisturizing product should ALWAYS have WATER as the first ingredient! Don’t always trust what it says on the label, the ingredients will tell you the complete truth.

Problem no. 5

– Not sealing with an oil AFTER moisturizing.

– Moisturizing is GREAT and essential for healthy hair, however…water evaporates. So, moisturizing but not sealing in the moisture is what can be causing our hair to be dry.

Solution: Make sure to implement sealing every time you moisturize! Natural oils are excellent for sealing in moisture like Sweet Almond Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil. I use Sweet Almond Oil for sealing in moisture, it’s light weight but effective!

Problem no. 6

– Sleeping on a Cotton pillowcase.

– Cotton soaks up moisture. Pillowcases and scarves that are cotton are drying!

Solution:  It’s smart to protect your hair while you sleep as well ensuring that no moisture is being stripped from your hair. Satin and silk pillowcases and scarves are ideal!

Problem no. 7

– Not aware of your Porosity level. Check my previous post on Porosity here!

Solution: Take a porosity level test!

Knowing your porosity level can help in how you moisturize your hair PROPERLY. “There are a couple of simple tests that you can do to find out your porosity. These tests work best on clean hair, as the results will be more accurate: Take a strand or two of your shed hair and place them in a bowl of water. If the hair stays, your hair likely has low or normal porosity. These porosities are considered to be the porosities of healthy hair. If the hair sinks immediately, or gradually sinks within a minute, the hair likely has high porosity. Again, though fast absorption might seem ideal, the hair will lose that moisture just as quickly, resulting in dry, brittle, and breaking hair..” – Curly Nikki

High porosity – Hair may be damaged. Protein treatments may be needed to strengthen the hair. Making sure you implement proper moisturizing.

Normal – Usually healthy hair, keep doing what you’re doing!

Low porosity – Hair soaks up product and does well with heat for deep conditioning.

Problem no. 8

Using too much heat!

– If you don’t know by now, HEAT IS THE DEVIL, AND THE DEVIL IS A LIE! Lol. Forreal, heat is super damaging and drying to the hair.

Solution: Try to cut out heat and see how much your hair flourishes! I did a year of no heat and I was an AVID heat user, so you can do it!

Try cutting heat for 3 months…then 6 months…then 9 months…and before you know it, it’ll be a year!

There are ENDLESS heat free styles to try and fall in love with while you detox your hair from heat! 🙂

If you MUST straighten, check out the sss plates here. These plates help to straighten your hair with NO HEAT!!

Problem no. 9

– Harsh weather.

– Harsh winds, dry air and even some humidity can affect the hair causing it to be dry.

Solution: Incorporate deep conditioning treatments, properly moisturizing your hair as well as even some protective styling to help with keeping your hair moisturized!

Problem no. 10

– ONLY using butters and oils for moisturizing.

– Don’t get me wrong butters and oils are great! But used in the wrong way can make your hair dry! Butters and oils are excellent for sealing. If your hair is dry and you slap on some thick shea butter and oil you’re sealing in the dryness.

Solution:  Always use a WATER based product THEN an oil or butter for sealing that extra moisture!


Thankfully there are things we can do to help with dry hair. It’s finding out WHY our hair is dry. Once we do, address the issue and work our way to healthy moisturized hair! 🙂


Until next time Curlies! XO!






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To Diffuse or not to diffuse?

Hey Curlies! ❤


I’m a wash n’ go kind of gal and I always diffuse my hair! Diffusing gives me volume, makes my curls tighter and sets my style so that it can last for days and days. If I air dry my hair it’s flat and it takes a FULL day for a complete air dry, and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’ lol. I discovered a diffuser years back watching Taren Guy on Youtube. Many of you naturals know exactly who I’m talking about. I ran out and purchased a diffuser attachment from my local beauty supply and never looked back since. HOWEVER! A universal diffuser attachment compared to an actual hair dryer that comes with their own attachment is ideal. I get better results with my diffuser and I lucked up and got mine from Big Lots for $20. I’ve dropped it SEVERAL times by accident and have used it for awhile and it’s done me well!


What is a diffuser?

– A diffuser is an attachment for your hairdryer uniquely designed to enhance curl definition and body by distributing heat evenly throughout your hair. Diffusers also help prevent heat damage. – CurlyNikki

How to diffuse?

– After wetting your hair and applying your favorite leave-in conditioner let your hair air-dry 50-60%. This will allow your natural curl pattern to form. If you normally have to scrunch and manipulate your curls to create a pattern begin using your diffuser earlier. The diffuser’s bowl-like shape and prongs aid in the formation of a spiral curl pattern creating tighter curls. The tightness of the curl depends on how close you hold the diffuser to your scalp.

Flip your head upside down. Begin diffusing at a medium-low heat, starting at the crown of your head to prevent that dreaded flat top from happening. Keep the diffuser there until your hair is dry. For even more body, massage your scalp and roots using the prongs of the diffuser. This will have a sort of teasing affect on the hair. Occasionally, check your curl pattern to ensure your curls are not too tight or too loose. Adjust the diffuser accordingly. Keep in mind, diffusing can take some practice. There are still days when I don’t do it right so be patient and give yourself a chance to really master the technique. – CurlyNikki

Tip: Before diffusing try to wait 30 minutes or so..this will help your hair to set and get a little bit of drying time taken off your diffusing time. I also like to get a 100% old cotton t shirt and wrap my hair up to soak up more water and excess product.

My wet curls…


The diffusing process…


Air dry hair is flat…

Camera 360

My diffused curls… 🙂


After diffusing…

Now, unfortunately I get crunchy curls. BUT! You can eliminate this…I make sure to use my COOL SHOT button which will close the hair shaft locking in moisture and eliminating frizz. I then detach my diffuser attachment and use my cool shot all over which give more fluff and allows me to also make sure my hair is completely dry!

I take Sweet Almond Oil and I apply it from root to tip scrunching the crunch out and fluffing for my volume. I then section my hair and taking my diffuser off, I begin to STRETCH my hair using the tension method. You can read about stretching natural hair for wash n’ go’s in previous post….here.


image4Camera 360

So the question is…to diffuse or not to diffuse?

– Obviously that’s up to you! I would definitely try it out a couple times before making your decision. When I first diffused I hated my results! It wasn’t until I kept using it and learning how to use it properly. It takes me about 20 minutes to fully dry my curls. Stretching adds another 3 minutes, fluff and go!

Remember! What works for one natural may not work for you! Natural hair is all about trial and error! ❤

Are you a diffusing type of gal or an air dry type of gal?? Any suggestions to getting good air drying results? Let me know!

Until next time Curlies! XO!



Product Reviews

Product Review: Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker!


Hey Curlies! ❤

Forgive my break, it’s been a busy couple of weeks…but I’m back and with a product review!

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker!


Product Description via – CRN


 How To Apply: Apply an ample amount to clean, conditioned and detangled hair. Section soaking wet hair with fingers and distribute from root to the tips of your hair. Make sure hair is wet while using this jelly. Re-wet sections that are drying. Finger style your hair and let air dry. A micro fiber towel may be used for faster drying.

 Ingredients: Dionized water, pectin, coco nucifera(coconut )oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panthenol, ricinus communis (caster) seed oil, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root extract, agava americana leaf extract, equisetum arvense (horsetail) extract, urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract, corn starch, xanthan gum,  chondrus (seaweed) crispus, polysorbate 20, tocopheryl acetate (vitanin E), cyanocobalamin (vitamin b-12), phenoxyethanol (optiphen nd) caprylyl glycol, fragance (parfum) and LOVE!

Size: 12oz my review…

If you follow my Instagram then you might’ve seen my 12 sec video where I explained how much I was loving my hair because of Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker. You already know my favorite styler (Eco Styler Gel), so I never buy stylers because I simply have found thee one. But! I heard so many good things about this styler and decided to give it a try. Plus, I can always use it on my daughter’s 4a hair if it doesn’t work well on my 3a-3c hair. It was hard to find. It says select Target stores, and they really mean select Target stores LOL. In my area, these products were mainly in “urban” Targets if you know what I mean. I finally found mine after going to three different Target’s! When I looked online for the Target’s that carried it, it said it was there got there and it wasn’t. I found mine at the Compton Target.

Pros 🙂

  • I like the pump for jelly styler. A jelly is different from a gel because it has more a slip and the consistency isn’t as thick.
  • I like the natural ingredients it offers
  • I like the shine that it gives my hair
  • Great for moisture and refreshing my curls
  • If you want definition but no crunch, this product is for you

Cons 😦

  • It leaves my hair sticky
  • I only get one day out of my wash and go
  • The price ($19.99)! My friend found her Camille Rose for $11 at Target!
  • Only found in select Target locations

Would I purchase again?


I say maybe because…I’ve been in the natural hair gang (pats fro, lol) for some time now. Because of this I’m no longer a product junkie. I know what works for my hair and what will not just by reading the ingredients and looking at the product. I have found my styler and my hair loves it.


It’s great for refreshing my curls instead of using it for a wash and go. I spritz my curls (usually in the back) with Aloe Vera Juice and then I take a pump or two of Camille Rose Natural’s Curl Maker and apply it by smoothing it in and I’m good to go. To stretch that section I make sure that it’s mostly dry, then I will pineapple with a scarf while I get ready. I take off my scarf and I will have moisturized shiny and defined curls 🙂

I will definitely purchase more of their other products!


Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker first day hair.

Have you tried Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker? Or any of their other products? Did you like them?

Until next time Curlies! XO!



Spotlight Fridays!

Spotlight Friday Feature: Nia!

Hey Curlies! ❤

It’s Friday and the spotlight is on the beautiful…(drum roll…)



1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been natural and a little bit about yourself!

– My name is Nia, and I’m from Tampa, FL. I’ve been “natural” for four years now, from transitioning from a relaxer I did for a year. I’m 22, junior at USF. I love thrift shopping, going to new places to eat. And I’m trying to tap more into my spiritual side of being.

2. What is your go-to natural hair style?

– My go to natural hairstyle would have to be a twist out, with either one or two buns in the front.


3. List 3 to 5 of your go-to or staple products for your natural hair?

– My staple products would be, coconut oil, kinky curly knot today conditioner, and eco styler gel, and of course water lol.

4. What do you like/love most about being natural?

– What I love most about being natural is the versatility, my curl pattern and the growing process. The compliments is what keeps me going.

5. How do you maintain your curls at night?

– Most likely I just twist or braid my hair back up and wrap it, or I just pineapple it. Sometimes I don’t even do anything lol.


6. Have you ever big chopped or transitioned? If so, briefly tell us your experience! 

– I transitioned. For a year I had a relaxer, cut my hair so many times. Till I was like, this is enough. August 2011, I started cutting the relaxed ends out. Still learning about split ends, and minting length. Because I never even had those worries prior to relaxing my hair.


7. Do your family/friends support your natural hair journey? How about where you work? 

– Of course my family supports my natural hair. They literally did not talk to me when I tried a relaxer. From the womb I’ve been natural. Graduated from high school in 10 and I wanted to try something different. It works for me in my work place.


8. Do you know your hair type? If so what is it? 

– Ahhh, I believe my hair type is between three and four .. my curls are sometimes loose, the roots are thick.

9. The blog is entitled happycurlhappygirl, so what makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, protective styling, hot oil treatments etc.)

– What makes my curls happy would be my mayonnaise deep conditioning. It loves it. It used to be protective styling with weave, but lately weave has just been irritating my scalp, so I can’t keep it in for more than a week.

10. What is one thing you have learned since being natural? What advice would you give a new natural?

– The one thing I’ve earned about being natural is LOTS of patience. And that comparing your hair growth to others and its time spanned is not going to help you. For new naturals drinks lots of water, research everything, AND just embrace your natural crown of beauty.

Thanks Nia for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!! I wish you the best on your hair journey! ❤


Follow Nia: @Queenzingha

If you would like a feature showcasing your natural hair story, please email me I would love to have your story and beautiful photos of you and your natural hair on Spotlight Fridays! XO! 🙂

Until next time Curlies! XO!