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Spotlight Feature: Zeze!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Sooo happy to interview and feature one of my favorite naturals!

Say hello to Zeze!!!

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1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been natural, WHY you went natural and a little bit about yourself! 

 – Hi, my names Zeinab but every calls me Zeze. In the natural hair blogging community I’m more known as Naturally Zeze. It’s rather cool having more than one name haha!  I am from London, UK and will have been natural 3yrs in May 2015 (yay!).

Prior to going natural I dyed and straightened my hair which left it dry and brittle. I decided to do something about it, which led me to come across a YouTube video talking about natural hair. After doing more and more research I finally made the decision to go natural.

I love travelling, snooping around historic buildings and trying new cuisines.

 2.    What is your go-to natural hair style?

My go to style at the moment is a Wash & go, which I prepare the night before.

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3.    List 3 to 5 of your go-to or staple products for your natural hair and what you use them for? (Twists, braid outs, wash n’go’s etc.,)

 – Texture My Way, Keep it Curly (STYLE) Stretch & Set Styling Foam: I use this product for my wash-&-go’s and perm rod sets.

Mrs Milli’s Sweet Leave-in Conditioner (Mango & Lime): I use this product to style my hair in a twist-out.

Coconut oil: My favourite oil which I use for everything (hot oil treatments, add to deep conditioning mix, detangling, sealing moisture in hair, use on my skin even consume haha!).

Tresemme Naturals, Moisturising Conditioner: I use it for co-washing and as a leave-in.

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 4.    What do you like/love most about being natural?

I love how versatile natural hair is! I can change the curl pattern, length and how big I want my hair it to be so easily. All it depends on is how I style it.

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5.    How do you maintain your curls at night

– At night I sleep with my hair up in a ‘pineapple’ (high ponytail) and sleeping with a satin/silk scarf.

 6.    Have you ever big chopped or transitioned? If so, briefly tell us your experience! 

 – I transitioned for 1yr from May 2012. During this time I would cut 2-3 inches each month to help me reduce the amount of heat damaged hair I had. On May 15th 2013, after transitioning for a year, I became fed up with my heat damaged ends and decided to cut it all off. I remember feeling really proud as I now was completely natural.

 7.    Do your family/friends support your natural hair journey? How about your place of work? 

 – My family and friends both really support me going natural. At first they were a little surprised as I would never be seen without straight hair however after they realised why I was going natural they became really supportive. Some have even decided to go natural or have started to make better healthy hair choices themselves. Being able to give them advice is great!

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8.    Do you know your hair type? If so what is it? Has knowing your hair type helped your hair journey? 

– I would say my hair type is in the type ‘3’ category, with some ‘4’ category mixed in there somewhere. I think the hair typing chart can help if you are at the beginning of your journey and need some guidance into what will work for your hair as in products, detangling methods etc… However it shouldn’t be obsessed over!

9.    The blog is entitled happycurlhappygirl, so what makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, protective styling, hot oil treatments etc.)

– Deep Conditioning! There’s nothing better than having your hair moisture and protein level replenished, your scalp massaged and soothed and your curls bouncy and happy again. Like your blog title, when my hair is happy after a good deep condition, I too am very happy!

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10. What is one thing you have learned since being natural? What advice would you give a new natural?

– Do your research about natural hair. Try to get the basics prepared before you take the plunge (wide tooth comb, satin scarf/pillowcase, spray bottle, conditioner, styler etc…) and create a regimen to follow and just go for it. Nothing can prepare you 100%, it’s a lifestyle change.

But most of all don’t expect your hair to come out looking like anybody else’s hair. Going natural is to find out about YOUR hair and embracing YOUR natural beauty.

Thanks Zeze for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!! I wish you the best on your hair journey! ❤

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Instagram: @naturally_zeze

YouTube: Naturally Zeze



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