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Product Review: Crème Of Nature Twirling Custard!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Twirling Custard Curl Styling Gel!


Soooo, I already know that custards and “styling gels” (besides Eco Styler) don’t work too well with and on my hair because it tends to leave my hair quite sticky and I don’t get the desired hold. But, I’ve been using Crème Of Nature’s line since a child it seems like and the new Argan Oil line hasn’t let me down, so I decided to give it a try!

The Description:

Rock your curls with confidence using Twirling Custard, a defining curl styling jelly that delivers long-lasting hold for crunch-less curls with Exotic Shine. This frizz-defying formula will leave you with healthy, beautiful curls and waves.

  • Perfect for Twist Outs, Shingling, Coiling, Updos and Wash-and-Go’s
  • NO Sulfates*, NO Parabens*, NO Mineral Oil*, NO Petrolatum*
  • Made with Argan Oil & Argan Butter for Exotic Shine
  • Available in 11.5 oz

Crème of Nature

The Consistency:

If you’re familiar with jellies or custards, the consistency is that of a watery/creamy like gel. Lol. Kind of difficult to describe, really. BUT! If you’ve ever tried or currently use custards then you know exactly what I am referring too. Not as thick as a gel but not as thin as a leave in conditioner.


How I Used It:

I applied the Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner first on wet hair after washing with Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo and detangling with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner. I then sectioned my hair into 4 sections, and did subsections applying the product, liberally. I had to use a LOT of product just for one section to ensure that my hair would look the way I expected it too. I know my hair to a T, so I knew that with a custard I would need more product than using a heavier gel. That was a bummer because I paid $9 so if I were to use this product consistently I’d be out of it in 2 weeks. It’s already at the half way mark. No Bueno! I then air dried for 30 minutes and diffused my hair. To my surprise NO frizz. It promises no frizz and no shrinkage. And I did not experience ANY frizz and I am PRONE to frizz. As far as shrinkage, I noticed my hair was hanging differently DRY than using any other styling product.

WET hair about 30% dry, waiting on my wash n’ go to dry some more before I diffused…



If you tried it for a twist out or braid out, the product should last longer than for a wash n’ go…in my opinion…

  • Lightweight
  • No frizz
  • Moisturizing
  • Shrinkage is limited
  • Slight hold
  • Great definition
  • No harsh ingredients
  • A lot of body
  • Only got BARELY 2 days out of my wash n’ go
  • Seems like you need a lot of product
  • A tad sticky
  • Disliked the smell
  • Every time I touched my hair, there was always a film left on my hands
  • Slightly weighed my hair down because of the promises of no shrinkage, lol (I still wanted volume, I don’t care about shrinkage!)


I thoroughly enjoy Crème of Nature’s products such as their Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner and their Argan Oil Perfect 7 Leave in Treatment Masque. However! I always do this to myself thinking that I can find a styler BETTER or EQUAL TO Eco Styler Gel, and I can’t. Jellie’s and custards just don’t work for my wash n go’s the way that I would want them too. I only got 2 days out of using this product 😦

If you want a light weight, crunch less, frizz free and defined wash and go, I’d definitely try it. If you’re a gel girl and not used to jelly stylers then you may want to stick to gel’s lol. BUT! If you want the look of gel but something “lighter”, this could be the product for you! EVERY ONE’S HAIR IS DIFFERENT! This may work well if you want to try it for a twist out and or braid out…because I do not wear those styles, I can only tell you my wash n’ go experience.

Would I Purchase Again?

More than likely, no. But I WILL purchase their other products. 🙂

Have you tried this product? If so, what are your thoughts? What other Crème Of Nature products would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below please!


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Until next time Curlies! XO!