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What Does Being Natural Really Mean?

Hey Curlies! ❤

So, this post is all for those that like to read LOL. I say that because I notice many people really just skim through and don’t read the information.

But since you’re here!

I want to chat about what it means to be natural! The natural hair movement is HUGE. So with that, there is a TON of information out there, some being truth and others opinion. From observing and chatting with several women, I’ve learned that MANY are confused on what being natural is. I hear the phrase…”when I go natural..” a whole lot. So I thought I’d break it down!


What does being natural really mean?

– Being natural means you do not have any chemical on or in your hair to alter its natural curl pattern.

For example: Relaxers, perms and texturizers are chemicals applied to the hair to change a person’s natural hair pattern.

A relaxer is a chemical that straightens the hair and alters the natural hair texture. A perm is a chemical that curls straightened hair to make it curly. And a texturizer is a chemical that loosens tight curls.


you are still natural if you straighten your hair. Just because you wear your hair straightened does not mean you are not natural. You don’t have to rock a fro in order to be natural. AS long as the only thing that is straightening your texture is heat and not a chemical, honey you’re natural!


you are still natural if you wear a weave. If your NATURAL hair is braided underneath, why in the world wouldn’t you be natural? All a weave is a protective style. Honey you’re natural!


you are still natural if you dye your hair. It IS a chemical….and this is where it gets tricky. Dye for many naturals does not affect their curl pattern unless it is bleach and done unprofessionally. Dye CAN alter your curl pattern, but that does NOT mean that it is the same as a relaxer and a texturizer. You are not INTENTIONALLY trying to change your curl pattern to be something that it is not. You are simply enhancing your hair. And you can do that with dye or with henna.


Let’s consider a transitioner…

When a woman has a chemical on their hair such as the ones listed above, and chooses to go natural she either BIG chops where she will cut all of the chemical areas of her hair off or she will transition. Transitioning is simply growing your chemical and processed hair out by wearing styles like twists and bantu knots, braids outs and protective styles until the hair is all ONE texture..natural 🙂 This is a journey to being completely natural and an example of what “going natural” means…

Now, many have opinions about this.

Some think applying heat all the time doesn’t make you natural. Some think dyeing your hair doesn’t make you natural. Some think only wearing your hair in natural hairstyles makes you natural. It’s all on what you’ve researched and concluded…really. We talk about transitioning to being natural. One transitions from a relaxer to natural. From chemical to natural. It’s a process. Being natural takes a lot of work and commitment no matter the texture. Being natural, means incorporating a regimen. We have regimens because our hair needs attention to be able to thrive. Without a regimen our hair would be HORRENDOUS! LOL! Being natural means being YOU, embracing and wearing your kinks, coils and curls. Loving and caring for your hair the way God intended for it to be. There is NOTHING wrong with changing up a style by wearing a wig, a weave, some color…that’s fine! But, being natural is wearing your hair in it’s natural state, chemical HAIR ALTERING free. SO! If you believe coloring your hair falls into what I just said, then that is your opinion. I’ve colored my hair MANY times and my curls have NEVER been affected, and I believe I am a NATURALISTA! LOL!

Overall, being natural is being you….naturally 🙂


Do you agree or disagree?? What are your thoughts?

Until next time! XO!



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I’m On Youtube!!! Ahhh!

Hello Curlies! ❤

untitledPlease excuse my lack of posting, life has happened as we’re all so familiar with! I hope you’ll forgive me. But, besides that…ya girl’s on the YT, also known as Youtube! CRAZY! Lol. I used to have videos in 2009-2010, but deleted them back then like a dummy. But, I’m so grateful for all the love and support I receive and the encouragement to do so, I finally made a video! I plan to make more and more as well as continuing to blog.

One thing I ask of you…

PLEASE watch, comment, LIKE and subscribe! I will super appreciate it!


Please let me know what you would like to see via youtube, it’s important to me to show what people want to see. I’m a wash n’ go gal, so it’ll be different venturing outside my comfort zone! Lol. I’d love any suggestions on what to do different in my next video, as this was my first time. 🙂

Without any further adieu!

My Wash n’ Go Routine!



Thank you beauties so much for watching!!

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Spotlight Fridays!

Spotlight Feature: Janae!

Hey Curlies! ❤

I love featuring naturals…meet Janae!


1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been natural and a little bit about yourself!

Janae, I’m from Long Beach, California and I’ve been natural for about 2 years. I absolutely love everything about natural hair. It makes me smile when I see women or little girls rocking their natural hair. ( hey Blue Ivy) 


2. What is your go-to natural hair style?

Twist outs. Even though my twists take at least 16 hours to dry, twist outs define my curls the most. I can stretch it to 5 or 6 days. 


3. What are some of your go-to or staple products for your natural hair?

I love Carol’s Daughter leave- in conditioner hair milk, As I am Co-wash ( smells amazing) and Miss Jessie’s Jelly soft curls or Eco-Styler.

4. What do you like/love most about being natural? 

I love the versatility. I’m completely confident with rocking my curls or twists in public. I might straighten my hair once or twice a year, and I’m over the flat iron look after 3 days. 

5. How do you maintain your curls at night?

I spritz my hair with water every night, put it in a Pineapple, and use my satin bonnet! 

6. Have you ever big chopped or transitioned? If so, briefly tell us your experience!

I transitioned, and it was frustrating because my hair never looked like the girls in the YouTube videos I watched (Mahogany Curls, Glam twins etc.). That’s when I discovered the universal rule “what works for others may not work for you” I started to experiment with different products and techniques until I figured out what worked best for MY hair.


7. Do your family/friends support your natural hair journey?

Yes, everyone is always asking me for  tips. Even random people I run into.

8. Do you know your hair type? If so what is it?

I never really followed the whole hair type thing, so I really have no idea. 

9. What is one thing you have learned since being natural? What advice would you give a new natural?

I’ve learned how to stay away from the heat. The heat is not your friend, just a distant friend you see every now and then! To the new naturals, stick with it!!! You will not get the results you want over night, but trust the process. Know that your hair is beautiful and learn to love it! 🙂 I’ve been natural for 2years and I still have hair goals 🙂 

10. The blog is entitled happycurlhappygirl,  what makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, protective styling, hot oil treatments etc.)

When someone else massages my scalp!!!! It feels like an old school Herbal Essence Commercial no lie!!!! But DIY deep conditioning makes my curls the happiest. 


Thanks Janae for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!!! I wish you the best on your hair journey!

Follow Janae: @_Janae_   @naturalnae7

If you would like a feature showcasing your natural hair, PLEASE email me I would LOVE to have your story and beautiful photos of you and your natural hair on Spotlight Fridays! XO!

Until next time Curlies! XO!



Product Reviews

Product Review: Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Don’t have time to deep condition? Try this 3 minute deep conditioner!


aussieAussie’s Moist 3 Minute Miracle is so amazing! I am very particular about deep conditioners, and this little baby is definitely a staple.  It’s important to get your deep conditioning in once a week if possible. Due to busy schedules, we don’t always get the time to deep condition for 30 to 45 minutes once a week. Whenever I use a shampoo I always follow up with a deep conditioner because shampoos with sulfates definitely strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft and are so very necessary for retaining growth and keeping our hair healthy. The days I don’t have time to deep condition I grab this little baby and it does the job at hand!

I shampoo, then I apply a clarifying conditioner that has slip (when a you’re able to run your fingers/comb through your hair easily after applying a conditioner). I then will detangle gently with either my fingers or a wide tooth shower comb, rinse, then I apply my Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, a plastic shower cap and finish up in the shower. I make sure to rinse with cool water to seal in all that extra goodness. Tip: 13When I apply my conditioner for detangling (V05 or Suave or a clarifying conditioner) I rinse with warm water. This opens up your shaft allowing for moisture to penetrate in. I THEN apply my deep conditioner and rinse that with cool water closing the shaft.  I have a detachable shower head which allows for a better cool rinse. If you’re sensitive to cool water, definitely rinse your conditioner out in the sink with cool water after showering. It’s also great for the kiddies because of the time.  I use this on my daughter as well, and it leaves her hair so moisturized. All you need is 3 minutes and your hair comes out feeling like it’s been under a dryer for 30 minutes! No kidding! This stuff is definitely a miracle in n 8oz bottle; it gets the job DONE! If you’re ever on the look out for a CHEAP and EXCELLENT product, this is it! >>THE ONLY CON, I only get about 5-6 uses out of it 😦 I saturate my hair with this stuff and it runs out QUICK. Luckily it’s under $5 dollars so I try to stock up on these babies! They have a variety to choose from for your specific needs. I would definitely recommend this product!



This is me after I use this stuff, lol! ❤




Where to find:

Ladies, you can find this almost EVERYWHERE. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and online.




 Let me know if you’re tried it and your thoughts!



Until next time Curlies! XO!






Spotlight Fridays!

Spotlight Friday Feature: Troya!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Ever considered getting locs? Meet Troya!

IMG_16641. What’s your name? Where are you from? Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello, my name is Troya L. Ellis, (31) I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I am a lover of the arts and I have a deep passion for creating change within the education system for African American students. Locing my hair was a huge statement, it was a statement of “I am ok with being different” and “I am ok with standing out for more reasons than simply being an African American female.”


2. How long have you had your locs? 

My loc anniversary is July 28, 2009, so I have had my locs approximately 5 years and 3 months.


3.  What/Who inspired you to get locs?

My initial inspiration was my mentor/big sister Keysha. She was the first personally knew personally with locs. In 2009, I met another friend that had locs and that was the inspiration i needed to make the transition.

4. Did your family and friends support your decision to get locs?

My family was supportive. They knew that it would eventually happen based on my personality and draw to my big sisters locs. Since I have started my locs, a few of my family members have considered them but none have embarked upon the journey.


5. How do you maintain your locs? Do you have a regimen?

I either wash my locs every two to three weeks with Shea Moisture shampoo. Every 6 months the loctician will condition them and once a year I get color.


6. How often do you re-twist?

 Within the first year, I would go to a loctician twice a month for wash and retwist (maintenance). Once my hair loc’ed I begin retwisting my locs myself every two weeks and I would make periodic visits to the loctician, Sometimes I do not retwist all my locs every two weeks and I simply retwist the first few rows to give them a refreshed look. I tried out the tool method a couple of times but I was not a fan of the lump that my locs would have after I had growth.

7. What are some of your go-to products?

Coconut oil for my scalp, and head sprung from simply wholesome in between washes (helps with smelling fresh).

8. What do you like most about having locs?

I love the growth process. i feel they are a form of artistic expression. I have been able to explore more colors and styles with my locs then i would have been able to do if I stuck to getting my hair pressed every two weeks.

9. What are some of the questions you get often since getting locs?

Often times people think they are braids. I assume because they are not fuzz like locs people are use to seeing. Most questions are related to my loc styles. But I must admit Most all of my  BOMB styles are created by Brandii Hollaway. That leads to the question of who maintains your locs.

10. What advice would you give someone who is considering getting locs?

The cliche advice i have is that know if you are going to enbark upon the loc journey you must be prepared to be patient. The loc journey will feel slow but before you know it you will have endured the initial start to the budding stage to the loc’ed stage.

Thanks Troya for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and Locs!!! I wish you the best on your hair journey!

Follow Troya: @t_roya

Awesome Q&A video on Locs…

If you would like a feature on my blog showcasing your natural hair, PLEASE email me with 2 to 3 photos of your natural hair! I would LOVE to have your story and beautiful photos of you and your natural hair on Spotlight Fridays! XO!

Until next time Curlies! XO!



DIYs, Product Reviews

DIY and Review: Flaxseed Gel!

Hey Curlies! ❤


Tired of gel that flakes and dries your hair out? Welp, you can create your very own and it’s ALL NATURAL. I love and will stand by Eco Styler Gel, but it’s nice to have a switch. Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3’s which are known to support scalp health. Flaxseed contains diseased fighting compounds that may help fight hair loss. Flaxseed Gel is so healthy for your hair it leaves your hair so moisturized. I didn’t experience a lot of definition as I would with Eco Styler, but with my results I didn’t mind. I made sure to use a heavier moisturizer (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) as my base and then I applied the Flaxseed Gel. For my curls, the thicker the gel consistency the better! The second go’round I skipped the heavy moisturizer and just used my leave in conditioner (Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner). If you desire hold like myself, then you can always mix Flaxseed Gel with your favorite gel. I also tried Flaxseed gel on my 6yr old who has tighter curls, unfortunately she only got 1 day of wear. LOL! Like her mother, her hair loves that Eco Styler Gel as well. I plan to mix the 2 gels together for her next wash and go. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend taking a few minutes to make this gel. You may never purchase any more gel ever AGAIN!

What you do:

Gather your 1/4 cup of flaxseeds

2 cups of water

Bring to a boil and stir often, wait until you get a gel like consistency

and drain into a strainer.

Add your choice of essential oils (optional)

Just in case the photos of me making Flaxseed Gel didn’t help here’s an EXCELLENT video by Naptural85 on how she made hers. Definitely subscribe if you haven’t already!

First application…FYI: Flaxseed Gel is very slimy!!!!!


I decided to compare Flaxseed Gel results and Eco Styler Gel results below…

Flaxseed Gel


Eco Styler Gel

 I get way more definition and hold with Eco Styler…HOWEVER! Flaxseed Gel leaves my hair SO moisturized, fluffy and soft. NO CRUNCH! Surprisingly, I can get about 3 days using Flaxseed Gel. ❤ I notice any areas where I get frizz I just grab some gel and apply it and it’s like an instant curl refresher! Many naturals use Flaxseed Gel for their twist outs. My  next adventure is trying a twist or braid out using a moisturizer and gel. Once I do…I’ll definitely blog my experience and results so stay tuned for that!

Other Curlies who love making and using Flaxseed Gel!

Say hello to the beautiful Jessica who has embraced her natural hair and loves making and using her Flaxseed Gel. Her beautiful mane consists of 4a curls. Jessica’s wash and go’s can last up to 3 to 4 days when using Flaxseed Gel. That’s AMAZING! She also loves the fact that Flaxseed Gel slicks her edges down to her liking! Her curls are moisturized, shiny and popping! Flaxseed Gel is awesome and I would recommend it to any natural to try it outl! It works well on all curly hair types (I checked, lol). After all, you only need Flaxseeds and water! How awesome is that! ❤



Follow Jessica: @limitlessfitjess thMCUE9SU2


Let me know how Flaxseed Gel works for you!




Until next time Curlies! XO!





Spotlight Fridays!

Spotlight Friday Feature: Brittani!

Hey Curlies! ❤


>> 1. Tell us your name, where you’re from, how long have you been natural and a little bit about yourself!
Brittani C. (IG= cool_mo_b) Los Angeles, CA I’ve been natural my whole life the only difference now as an adult is I no longer straighten my hair.
>> 2. What is your go to natural style?
Wash and Go (air dry) 
>> 3. What are your go to products?
Shea moistures restorative conditioner and Cantu Curl cream (I use them together) 
>> 4. What do you like/love most about being natural?
I love that my curls have a mind of their own and that my hair looks different everyday. 
>> 5. Who is your celebrity hair crush or inspiration?
Sadly there aren’t really any mainstream celebrities that have natural hair like mine but my ig hair crushes are @beautybylee and @tarenguy. I truly enjoy all their post and videos. #inspiration 
>> 6. Have you ever big chopped or transitioned?
Yes I had to do a big chop to my ears a few months after deciding not to put heat in my hair. I had badly heat damaged my hair and had to get rid of all the straight parts which left me with a Foxy Cleopatra fro for awhile. 
>> 7. Does your significant other or family/friends support your natural hair journey?
My decisions about my hair have nothing to do with anyone. My family in the beginning would tease me and tell me I look like I stuck my finger in the electrical socket but now that I’ve worn my natural texture so long they dont make slick comments anymore. I get the most support from friends and strangers. My natural friends love finding out what products I’ve recently purchased that doesnt work for my curls so they can have it.  I love meeting people out and about and teaching them better ways to take care of their hair encouraging them that the process does get better just be patient.  At the end of the day we are all on the same journey to healthy hair. 
>> 8. Do you know your hair type? If so what is it?
This depends on the length of my hair. When I grow it out it is 3B/3C the length weighs it down. If I keep it to my shoulders then it is 3C/4A and my curls really have great definition. 
>> 9. What is one thing you have learned since being natural?
My natural hair and beauty is so much better than the unrealistic standards/images of beauty that we are engulfed with on a daily basis. 
>> 10. What makes your curls happy? (Deep conditioning, hot oil treatments etc.)
My curls love moisture so I use lots of butters and creams that my curls love. Deep conditions and protein treatments are also really important for my thick hair as well. 

Thanks Brittani for sharing your story with us and showcasing your beautiful face and curls!!! I wish you the best on your hair journey!

 Follow Brittani: @cool_mo_b

If you would like a feature on my blog showcasing your natural hair, PLEASE email me with 2 to 3 photos of your natural hair! I would LOVE to have your story and beautiful photos of you and your natural hair on Spotlight Fridays! XO! ❤
Until next time Curlies! XO!