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FOUR Steps I Did That Helped Repair My Damaged Hair!

Hey Curlies! ❤

There are four things I did during the time when my hair was at its worst, that helped it get to its best! I had damaged hair from dying and heat damage, mainly heat damage. My bra strap length hair was thinning and my curls were lifeless. I researched and learned about these steps to incorporate into my regimen to help repair the damage. However, not ALL damage can be repaired. The only way to get rid of severely damaged hair is to cut it off. Sucks, I know. I chose to do a semi big chop for my damage hair cutting my hair to my jaw and then did a year of no heat. BUT! Unless your hair is TERRIBLY damaged, you DO NOT HAVE TO DO A BIG CHOP. If your hair is slightly damaged it can be repaired by showing your hair MAJOR TLC such as these steps below. Here are the 3 things I did that got me to where I am now!

1. STOP ALL HEAT. Point, blank and the period.

I’m forreal.

2. Use A Reconstructor!

A reconstructor is a product that helps repair damage that’s been done from heat styling, relaxers, and chemicals. I had a ton of heat damage. I used these reconstructors to help with repairing my damage.

– Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor


– Dudley’s Hair Rebuilder


– Macadamia Deep Repair Masque


2. Protein Treatments!

Protein treatments are great for filling in gaps in the cuticle which helps to strengthen and repair hair. Protein treatments really helped my hair!

– Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment


– Nexxus Emergencee

– Mayo and Avocado


3. Deep Conditioning!

Deep conditioning is so essential to putting moisture back into our hair. Dry hair breaks, hair that is moisturized flourishes. Deep conditioning helps with repairing and strengthening damaged hair. Dry hair breaks, moisturized hair flourishes!

– Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-n-1 Renewal Mask


– Olive Oil Replenshing Pak


– Crème of Nature Deep Conditioner


– Pantene 2 Minute Moisture Masque

PLEASE make sure to follow the directions for a reconstructor, usually it’s done 2x’s a week. For protein treatments usually 1x a month or 1x every 6 weeks. And deep conditioning can be up to 2x’s a week. Incorporate these three steps and nurse your hair back to life.

It took me from 2011 until 2013/14 to get healthy hair and my curls to act right, if you will. I had trims and a shape/cut in between as well. So please, have patience…don’t give up!



Consistency & Patience!

If you’d like you can purchase ‘happycurlhappygirl’ t-shirts here! 🙂

Until next time! XO!



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My Tips On How To Winterize Your Hair!

Hey Curlfriends! ❤


As we are approaching the colder months it is important to make sure we take extra care of our hair. Natural hair is naturally dry, and more so in the colder months. Your focus should always be moisture being a natural gal, and especially during the winter!


My tips on winterizing your natural hair!

1. Establish a winter regimen! I’m from Southern California where it’s 75 degrees on Christmas, so when I think of winter I don’t always picture snow and rain. BUT! The air is dry and cooler in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer which can affect our natural hair. When the weather changes I break out the beanies and UGGs to stay protected. I also break out different products and give a slight change to my hair regimen to protect my hair! Staying away from humectants like glycerin and honey may be beneficial as they can dry your hair out by drawing the moisture away from your hair and into the air. During the warmer months humectants would do the opposite! Alter your regimen for the winter if possible to make certain that your hair is taken care of.


2. Protective Styling! Above is thechicnatural on Youtube with crochet braids which is an excellent type of protective style, (check her video out here!). Protective styles are awesome during the colder months at keeping moisture in while keeping your hair protected especially your ends! Your ends are THEE driest part of your hair because they’re the oldest. They can sometimes get neglected as well as constantly rubbing on your clothing which in turn causes split ends and breakage. While protective styling, make sure that you focus your moisture on your ends showing them a lot of love and making sure they are tucked in your style, leaving this style for at least 5 days or more without manipulation. Protective styles helps to retain length! There are a TON of protective styles: two strand wists, braids, crochet braids, updo’s, buns, three strand twists, wigs, weaves, cornrows and so much more! I love natural hair 🙂


3. Incorporate Hot Oil Treatments! My previous post I talk about natural and essential oils as well as hot oil treatments. You can check that out here! Anywho, hot oil treatments are EXCELLENT in getting the benefits and moisture your hair needs, and incorporating this into your winter regimen is essential especially if you suffer from dryness. Adding heavier oils (Castor oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil) in your winter regimen to seal in your moisture is also an excellent thing to do for your hair during the winter months. Doing this will help to prevent dryness which can help soothe and treat problem areas.


4. Deep condition longer! If you read my blog regularly then you know how I feel about keeping your strands moisturized and how effective and essential deep conditioning is! You should deep condition your hair AT LEAST 2x’s a month. I said at least, lol. However, deep conditioning and even extending your deep conditioning times weekly will be so beneficial to your hair during the colder months. I try to sit under a hooded dryer during the winter months for a more effective deep condition. If you have a steamer or a hooded cap or dryer, using these when you deep condition will ensure that your hair is deeply moisturized! No worries if you don’t, there are ways to make your deep condition more effective if you do not have a hooded dryer. You can warm up your conditioner in the microwave and apply it on your hair following up with a plastic cap or bag or you can also heat up a towel and wrap it around your head over the plastic cap and this will act like a heating cap for a more effective DC.


5. Bust out those hats and beanies! Hiding your hair for a few days during the colder months is also a way to winterize your hair. Keeping your hair protected is essential to making sure that your hair is moisturized and doesn’t dry out. HOWEVER, when wearing hats and beanies PLEASE make sure that you have a satin scarf underneath. Certain hats and beanies and their fabrics can cause friction to the hair and dry it out and causing breakage! Wrapping your hair with a satin scarf, THEN applying your favorite hat and or beanie is another way to ensure that your stands stay hydrated and protected! Throw on some hoops and your favorite beanie and you’re good to go!


6. Use thicker creams and butters! During the summer I like to stick to milks and lighter moisturizers, but depending on the weather and style during the winter, I like to break out the heavier creams and butters to my regimen. I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (Target) year around, but this cream is awesome for the colder months because it’s so thick. If I plan to bun my hair, I will spritz my hair with water and aloe vera juice dampening my hair, I will apply a leave in or moisturizer, then my Shea Moisture and I will seal with an oil then using castor oil to seal my ends to ensure that my hair is sufficiently moisturized while in my protective style.


7. Cut the use of gels? I put a question mark there because I personally use gel year around and have never experienced an issue of dryness. However, there are some naturals who only use gel during the hotter months and focus on curl creams for stylers during the winter months. This is where getting to know your hair comes into play. Not all gels are drying and have alcohol in them and not all creams are moisturizing. You have to find what works for your hair. Cutting this step may not be necessary for you if you wear your hair in wash n go’s like myself. But, to prevent dryness during the winter I apply a heavier cream (Shea Moisture), then an oil (Sweet Almond Oil) then my gel (Eco Styler) for extra moisture. I then diffuse and I’m out the door!

I rock wash my wash n’ go as much as I can!


Do you winterize your hair? What are some of your tips?

Until next time Curlies! XO!



Product Reviews

Product Review: Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle!

Hey Curlies! ❤

Don’t have time to deep condition? Try this 3 minute deep conditioner!


aussieAussie’s Moist 3 Minute Miracle is so amazing! I am very particular about deep conditioners, and this little baby is definitely a staple.  It’s important to get your deep conditioning in once a week if possible. Due to busy schedules, we don’t always get the time to deep condition for 30 to 45 minutes once a week. Whenever I use a shampoo I always follow up with a deep conditioner because shampoos with sulfates definitely strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft and are so very necessary for retaining growth and keeping our hair healthy. The days I don’t have time to deep condition I grab this little baby and it does the job at hand!

I shampoo, then I apply a clarifying conditioner that has slip (when a you’re able to run your fingers/comb through your hair easily after applying a conditioner). I then will detangle gently with either my fingers or a wide tooth shower comb, rinse, then I apply my Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, a plastic shower cap and finish up in the shower. I make sure to rinse with cool water to seal in all that extra goodness. Tip: 13When I apply my conditioner for detangling (V05 or Suave or a clarifying conditioner) I rinse with warm water. This opens up your shaft allowing for moisture to penetrate in. I THEN apply my deep conditioner and rinse that with cool water closing the shaft.  I have a detachable shower head which allows for a better cool rinse. If you’re sensitive to cool water, definitely rinse your conditioner out in the sink with cool water after showering. It’s also great for the kiddies because of the time.  I use this on my daughter as well, and it leaves her hair so moisturized. All you need is 3 minutes and your hair comes out feeling like it’s been under a dryer for 30 minutes! No kidding! This stuff is definitely a miracle in n 8oz bottle; it gets the job DONE! If you’re ever on the look out for a CHEAP and EXCELLENT product, this is it! >>THE ONLY CON, I only get about 5-6 uses out of it 😦 I saturate my hair with this stuff and it runs out QUICK. Luckily it’s under $5 dollars so I try to stock up on these babies! They have a variety to choose from for your specific needs. I would definitely recommend this product!



This is me after I use this stuff, lol! ❤




Where to find:

Ladies, you can find this almost EVERYWHERE. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and online.




 Let me know if you’re tried it and your thoughts!



Until next time Curlies! XO!